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Introducing our

Positive USA

Still good and now Stateside

We now offer our renowned services in the United States. We provide world-class connectivity and our own staff in premier data centres: a boon for American clients who yearn for our services closer to home and for Europeans demanding the best US hosting.

Positive USA

The Internet spans the globe. So why does it matter where your site's infrastructure actually resides? Often it doesn't, but sometimes it does. For example, if you wished to provide a site for primarily the US market, having a US hosting company with a US network connected to the fastest US peering-points makes sense.

No compromise

Until recently, this meant setting up new contracts and building new relationships. Now, Positive Internet is happy to offer joined up service: the same great support, management and technical excellence whichever side of the Atlantic you decide your site should reside.

A dedicated US operation

Our superb facilities in the best, most interconnected points of presence in the United States, mean that you'll get the best bandwidth and networking the continent can offer, all backed up by Positive's familiar team. This is no "white-labeling" operation or outsourced scam: we take the same care and attention to manage and control our US operation in-house as we do with every othr service we offer.

For Europeans

If you're a European organisation who wants a dedicated and authentic US presence, we can offer it to you with support in your timezone. Our completely independent US network provides the local IP addressing and throughput expected in the best US hosting. You can also have fully geographically loadbalanced or failover systems between Europe and the US. You don't even need to worry about the technicalities: we can simply make it happen, with further DR across the US continent if required. We have installed PCI-compliant bank-grade clusters across our UK and US facilities for seemless, guaranteed uptime and data availability. We can do that for you too.

For Americans

If you're American and have yearned for Positive's renowned open-systems support and management, you can now have it without compromise: local bandwidth and networking with European levels of service. Of course, our US team will make sure that anything you need closer to home is taken care of too.

Get in touch to chat about multi-continental possibilities.